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Here is a list of where you can go in Topeka for free tax return preparation help.

If you are a debtors in a bankruptcy case, take a copy of the 2012 tax returns, both federal and state, to your bankruptcy attorney.

Refunds should not be spent unless the trustee approves. Talk to your attorney about the tax refunds and who gets what portions of the refunds. Spending tax refunds that are supposed to go to the bankruptcy trustee will get you into serious trouble.

If your refunds get offset by the IRS or the state for taxes, child support, student loans or other government debt, you should get a letter explaining the offset. Take that letter to you bankruptcy attorney.

We are still fighting to keep one year of the earned income tax credit exempt in Kansas. Two Kansas bankruptcy judges have ruled that the new statute is constitutional. Three chapter 7 trustees in Topeka and Wichita have appealed those rulings to higher courts. The appeals are pending. A ruling is expected soon from the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Tenth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Oral argument was December 6, 2012, in Denver.




About Jill Michaux

Jill Michaux is a Kansas bankruptcy attorney with Neis Michaux Law Office. She and her partner, Mark Neis, are Topeka's only consumer bankruptcy law specialists. They are board certified by the American Board of Certification.

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