Trustee – Chapter 13 – Kansas City, Kansas

William H. Griffin is the chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee for cases filed in Kansas City, Kansas.

Payments to Griffin should be sent to a lockbox at his bank in Memphis, TN.  Make the check payable to William Griffin Trustee.  Adding the word trustee to your check makes it impossible for your check to be cashed if it were stolen.

The address for payments is William Griffin Trustee, PO Box 613106, Memphis TN 38101. Payments are not accepted at the trustee’s office in Kansas City or at the meeting of creditors or court hearings.

The trustee’s office address is Kansas City metro.  Do not mail or take payments to this address.

William H. Griffin, Trustee

Office of W.H. Griffin, Chapter 13 Trustee

5115 Roe Blvd., Ste. 200

Roeland Park KS 66205-2393


Fax:  913-432-7857


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