Tax Returns Required

You cannot discharge your debts in bankruptcy if you have not filed federal and state income tax returns when you were required to do so.  Debtors with unfiled returns will have their cases dismissed.

You must prove you have filed returns for the last four years.  If you were not required to file returns for those years, a declaration must be filed with the Court.

The last tax return filed must be sent to the bankruptcy trustee at least seven days before your hearing. Ordinarily, we do not file a bankruptcy case until all unfiled tax returns or a declaration are prepared.

Please bring copies of your filed income tax returns for the past two tax years with you to your meeting with your attorney.  If you do not have copies, please try to obtain them from your tax preparer.  If you still do not have copies, you may obtain a transcript of your federal return from this IRS website  If that doesn’t work, you can  order transcripts over the telephone. The returns will be mailed in 5-15 days to the address on the tax return;

Dial 1 (800) 829-1040
Press 2
Press 2
Enter Social Security Number (SSN)
Press 1
Press 3
Enter Number in street address
Press 2
Enter Year (example: 2004)
Press 1 – If correct
Press 1 – If correct
Press 3 – To end

To obtain a transcript for a Kansas imcome tax return, you may go to Taxpayer Assistance on the first floor of the Docking State Office Building, 915 SW Harison, Topeka, Kansas, and request a printout.

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