New Topeka Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee

Carl B. Davis is the new chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee for cases in the Topeka, Kansas, division of the Kansas Bankruptcy Court. Jan Hamilton retired 9/30/2022 after 24 years as trustee.

Where to Make Your Topeka Chapter 13 Payments

All future payments for Topeka chapter 13 bankruptcy cases should be made to Carl Davis Trustee.

The Topeka trustee office is closing today. The Topeka lockbox is closed.

How to Pay Your Topeka Chapter 13 Payment

  1. Mail to Carl Davis Trustee, PO Box 2818, Wichita, KS 67201-2818
  2. Electronic – Sign up for payments to be taken from your account by
  3. Wage Order – Tell us the employer name and payroll address. We will request a wage order for you.
  4. In Person – No payments are accepted in person. The Topeka lockbox is now closed. There is no lockbox in Wichita. The trustee does not accept payments at his Wichita office.
  5. Other ElectronicTFS Bill Pay is the only electronic payment accepted by the trustee. He does not accept electronic payments from other payment systems directly to his account such as Pop Money, Zelle, ACH, wire transfer, funds transfer, and others. Bill payer systems that mail a check to the trustee are accepted.


Question: I have a wage order now. Do I need to do anything? Answer: the employers will be notified and payments will be transferred to the new trustee. You should watch your paystubs to make sure the payments are being withheld. You must make the payment if it does not come out of your check. Notify us if there is an issue.

Question: I pay by TFS now. Do I need to do anything? Answer: TFS will change the trustee on your case. The payments will transfer to the new trustee.

Question: How can I monitor the payments and disbursements in my case? Answer: Sign up for an online account with the National Data Service at Trustee data is uploaded to this service each business day so you may see it. The data is typically current through the previous business day.

Question: I have a case in Kansas City, KS, or Wichita divisions. Where do I pay? Answer: There is no change. Kansas City, KS, case payments are paid to W.H. Griffin Trustee. Wichita case payments are paid to Carl Davis Trustee.

About Jill Michaux

Jill Michaux is a Kansas bankruptcy attorney with Neis Michaux Law Office. She and her partner, Mark Neis, are Topeka's only consumer bankruptcy law specialists. They are board certified by the American Board of Certification.

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