Often Overlooked Expenses


The first step to analyzing your finances is to write down all your income and all your expenses for your household.   The local credit counseling office recommends using a fritter finder,  writing down every penny you spend for several weeks to discover how much money is being frittered away.  Most people have never done this before. Documenting your finances is an eye opening experience.  Once you have all the information gathered, you can prepare a budget and determine whether bankruptcy relief may be an option for you to consider.

Here is a list of often overlooked expenses when preparing a household budget:  Bank charges (monthly checking account fees, ATM fees, etc)
Annual tax return preparation fees
Other accounting fees
Ongoing Legal fees
Pet food
Veterinary visits
Pet Grooming and Care
Motor Vehicle oil changes
Motor Vehicle Tire Care
Car washes
Annual registration cost for Motor Vehicles and property taxes
Inspection Preparation costs
OnStar System Payments
EZ Pass Costs
Vision Care – Doctor Visits
Eye glasses (care and replacement)
contacts lenses & solutions
Non-Prescription Medications
toothpaste & floss
pain killers
vitamins and supplements
Monthly Website Subscriptions
Monthly Magazine or Newspaper
cold and sinus
first aid supplies
Hair Care and personal grooming products
summer camp and summer activities
school lunches
sports fees
school uniforms
Christmas & birthday gifts, cards
Work expenses
Work lunches and snacks
shoe shines, repairs
Home Landscaping and lawn care
Charitable donations
Home Office Supplies (computer toner/ink/paper)
Home Alarm System maintenance and fees
school photos
school activites and supplies
office and school contributions for group gifts, projects, charity
church donations
life insurance
home maintenance and repairs
scouting, sports, dance, bowling and other activities
children’s allowances
dry cleaning
babysitters and child care
Income taxes
grass mowing, snow melt, snow shoveling
trash bags, light bulbs, furnace filters and other household supplies

Once you decide filing for bankruptcy is your next step, here is how to get started with the process.  Contact Mark Neis and Jill Michaux of the Bankruptcy Law Office for help.

About Jill Michaux

Jill Michaux is a Kansas bankruptcy attorney. She can be found on Google+. She and her partner, Mark Neis, are Topeka's only board certified consumer bankruptcy law specialists.