How Do I Know the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee Got My Payment?

How do you know if the chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee received your plan payment?   The chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees in Kansas generally does not mail out receipts for your payments nor do they send you a monthly statement.  There is a handy way to monitor your case on the Internet.

Your canceled check or money order stub is your receipt.  If you are paying by wage order, your pay stub is your receipt.  Keep these records until your case completes in case there ever is an issue over payments.

If you have filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy case, you can signup for a free online access to your account data.  You will see your payments as they are posted by the trustee and the disbursements to claims as they are made.  The data is current as of the previous business day. It is uploaded from the trustee’s computer to the National Data Center, which provides the secured portal to your account.  Creditors also can view data through the National Data Center.

The National Data Center cannot answer questions for your or tell you when you case is over or what your payoff is.  Those questions should be directed to your attorney.

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