Bankruptcy Mastery Site Launched for New Lawyers

Cathy Moran

Cathy Moran

Cathy Moran, my friend and blogging colleague on the Bankruptcy Law Network, has launched Bankruptcy Mastery, a website to train new consumer bankruptcy lawyers.

With 30 years of experience, Cathy is well-qualified to teach and mentor lawyers new to the consumer bankruptcy field.  She is speaks on bankruptcy law topics on the national stage and is the author of Bankruptcy in Brief, the very popular website on consumer bankruptcy law information, and On the Bankruptcy Soapbox blog.  She has a very busy practice in the San Francisco Bay area representing consumer and small business debtors in chapters 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy.

Cathy collaborates with Jay Fleischman on Consumer Ledger and Family Debt Guide.

Walking Away from the House

Cathy Moran, my blogging colleague on the Mortgage Law Network, discusses whether you should prevent foreclosure and keep the house.  Walking away from the house is one solution for a homeowner who can’t afford to repay the mortgage loan balance and the house is worth at least as much as you owe.  A deficiency judgment, if one is taken in the foreclosure, can be discharged in bankruptcy.  Here is a pay or go calculator to help you assess whether you should walk away from your mortgage.

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