I Feel So Guilty Filing Bankruptcy

People seeking debt relief often feel guilty about filing for bankruptcy.  We are raised to pay our debts and conditioned to feel bad when we can’t.  In fact,  people will go to extreme measures, such as depleting the retirement account, to avoid bankruptcy.

When you can’t pay your bills because your credit card lenders have raised interest to 30%, it is time to stop feeling guilty.  Stop feeling bad about bills you can’t afford to pay.

It may not be your fault.  It may be that someone in your family has gotten sick or injured and you are facing huge medical expenses.  It may be that you have lost your job on main street because of greedy acts on Wall Street.  It may be that your marriage ended.  Most Americans are one injury, illness, job loss or divorce away from bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a legal way to resolve your debts.   It is for honest debtors who play by the rules.  Get the fresh start you deserve and get on with your life in peace.  Call today to see if bankruptcy is the right solution for your financial problems.

Bankruptcy-It Could Happen to Anyone

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