Video: Do I Need a Lawyer to File Bankruptcy?

You need a lawyer to file bankruptcy.  Without an attorney, you may lose your property and may not get your debts discharged by the bankruptcy.

You need a bankruptcy attorney to advise you:

  1. whether to file bankruptcy,
  2. what chapter to file,
  3. what exemptions to claim.

You expect a board certified specialist for your doctor.  Expect it for your lawyer, too.  Meet our attorneys.  Mark Neis and Jill Michaux are the only board certified consumer bankruptcy law specialists in Topeka and two of ten in Kansas.

Finding a Bankruptcy Attorney Outside Kansas

DIY Means Test Like Doing Your Own Surgery

Video: What is the Bankruptcy Discharge?

Bankruptcy Won’t Discharge These Debts

Will I Lose My Bankruptcy Case?

Bankruptcy Crimes

Video: What Happens at Bankruptcy Court Hearings?

Video: What Happens at My Bankruptcy Hearing?

Watch what happens at a bankruptcy meeeting of creditors, also known as your 341 hearing.

What will they ask me at my bankruptcy meeting?

Video: How Do I File for Bankruptcy?

How to Get Started Filing for Bankruptcy

How to Get Your Bankruptcy Certificate from a Credit Counselor

Documents to Gather for Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Video: Bankruptcy Won't Help With These Debts

What Is NOT Discharged in Bankruptcy  Video:  Running Time 4:34

Child support, alimony

Student loans

Most federal and state income taxes

Employer payroll taxes and sales taxes

Loans obtained by fraud or false pretenses

Liens on property such as homes and cars

Video: What are the Types of Bankruptcy?

Types of Bankruptcy

There are three main types of bankruptcy cases for individuals, the most common of which are chapter 7 and chapter 13.

Running Time: (3:55)

Video: Bankruptcy Basics Overview

Introduction to Bankruptcy

Running Time (2:38)

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