Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payments

Chapter 13 bankruptcy debtors are responsible for making their plan payments to the trustee.   No excuses.

This is true even if your payments are supposed to be deducted from your paycheck.  If no deduction is taken out of your check or if your employer does not remit the money to the trustee, you are still responsible for the payment.

Watch your pay stubs to make sure the payments are being deducted.  If not, make the payment yourself and call your attorney to troubleshoot.  Your case will be dismissed if payments are not made and you will lose the benefits of chapter 13 bankruptcy.

You can check whether the trustee has received payments by setting up an account with the National Data Center.

Neither Topeka nor Kansas City, Kansas, chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees accept cash nor any kind of electronic bank transfer (ACH transactions).  You can set up bill payer service at your bank and arrange for your bank to send the trustee a check if you don’t have employer pay. The Topeka trustee has an electronic payment service provided by a third party.

My Car Is Paid For, Can I Deduct Ownership Expense on Means Test?

In re Howell, Case No. 06-11652
April 2007, Judge Nugent

Trustee objected to 13 confirmation under 1325(b)(1)(B) on basis that debtors projected disposable income was too low because they were deducted an ownership expense on Line 28 of B22C even though vehicle was fully paid for and even though they had claimed a standard vehicle operating allowance on Line 27. Objection Sustained, even though 707(b) (2) (A) (ii) (I) and B22C do not offer specific guidance.  Judge Nugent rejected the other view on the basis that an expense is not “applicable” if it is not actually incurred.

Digest by:  Jan Hamilton, Trustee

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