Bankruptcy Might Save Your Life

Filing for bankruptcy might save your life. A new study finds that bankruptcy filers make more money and live longer than those who were denied such protection. … [Continue reading]

Bankruptcy Fee Increases

The Judicial Conference of the United States has approved several bankruptcy fee increases starting on June 1, 2014. The new  fees will be: Chapter 7:  $335 (up from $ 306) Chapter 9: $1,717 (up from $1,213) Chapter 11: $1,717 (up from … [Continue reading]

Is an Inherited IRA Exempt in Bankruptcy?

The National Consumer Bankruptcy Rights Center (NCBRC) has filed an amicus brief on behalf of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) membership in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Clark v. Rameker (In re Clark), No. 13-299. … [Continue reading]

Child Tax Credit Not Exempt in Missouri

A recent Bankruptcy Appellate Panel decision found that the debtor may not exempt her federal Child Tax Credit refund under Missouri’s exemption for “public assistance.” Hardy v. Fink (In re Hardy), No. 13-6029 (B.A.P. 8th Cir. Dec. 23, 2013) (notice … [Continue reading]

Unpaid Tuition Dischargeable

The failure to pay tuition did not result in nondischargeable debt. So said the court in In re Oliver, No. 12-4185 (Bankr. S.D. Ind. Oct. 8, 2013). The college was ordered to release the former student's transcript in a bankruptcy court contempt … [Continue reading]

Means Test Figures Change Nov. 15

NEW MEANS TEST FIGURES have been announced by the U.S. Trustee Program for use with bankruptcy cases filed on or after November 15, 2013. Here are the Kansas income numbers based upon family size: 1 - $43, 793 2 - $57,502 3 - $65,394 4 - … [Continue reading]

Kansas Bankruptcy Courts Stay Open During Federal Government Shut Down

The Kansas bankruptcy court is open for business even if the federal government shuts down. Cases may still be filed. Automatic stays still go into effect stopping collection. Help is still available. See how a government shutdown will affect … [Continue reading]

Kansas Bankruptcy Court Entrances Closed by Budget Cuts

Frank Carlson U.S. Courthouse

Only One Door Open to Public Only one entrance at each of the Kansas bankruptcy courts is now open to the public. All other doors at the courthouses are closed and locked to save money on security staffing because of budget cuts as of June 3, … [Continue reading]

Pay Your Credit Cards 0% in Chapter 13

But I want to pay my debts....I just can't do it at credit card interest rates. What you want, then, is Chapter 13. If the credit card company won't agree to an interest rate that you can handle, you can impose a Chapter 13 repayment plan on … [Continue reading]

Why Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Was Dismissed (And How To Avoid It)

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can feel like a brand new world. Unless you do your share, it won't last for long. Each month, thousands of people from around the country look to the bankruptcy court to stop a foreclosure, forestall a repossession, … [Continue reading]

New Way to Pay Your Topeka Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payments

The best way to pay your bankruptcy payment to the Topeka chapter 13 trustee is online or by wage order. Carl Davis Trustee uses TFS Bill Pay for you to send money to the trustee electronically. This is a service through a third party. It involves a … [Continue reading]

New Less Paperwork Mortgage Mod Program Starts July 1

Washington, DC – The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) today announced that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will offer a new, simplified loan modification initiative to minimize losses and to help troubled borrowers avoid foreclosure and stay in … [Continue reading]

Kansas Median Income Increases April 1, 2013

New median income data for bankruptcy cases filed on or after April 1, 2013, has been released by the U.S. Trustee Program. KANSAS 1 earner  $42,577 2 people $56,851 3 people $65,907 4 people $76,402 For cases filed on or after … [Continue reading]

EITC Exemption Update

  We have two updates for you in the ongoing fight in Kansas for the right to keep one year's worth of earned income tax credit in bankruptcy. Kansas Bankruptcy Trustee Appeals Earlier this month, the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel affirmed the … [Continue reading]

Debtors Win EITC Appeal

The new Kansas exemption law allowing a person to keep one year of earned income tax credit in bankruptcy is constitutional, a third court has ruled. This is good news for lower income working families with children who received EITC and who are … [Continue reading]

Congratulations Judge Norton!

Congratulations to our friend and colleague, Cynthia Norton, who was sworn in today as U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for the Western District of Missouri. She is pictured here with U.S. District Court Chief Judge Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr., who administered the … [Continue reading]

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