Free Topeka Tax Help

Here is a list of where you can go in Topeka for free tax return preparation help. If you are a debtors in a bankruptcy case, take a copy of the 2012 tax returns, both federal and state, to your bankruptcy attorney. Refunds should not be spent … [Continue reading]

Bankruptcy Dollar Limits Expected to Ease April 1, 2013

It will be a little easier for the debtor in bankruptcy when an adjustment in limits and formulas occurs on April 1.  There will be modest increases in the chapter 13 debt limits, in means test formulas and federal exemptions when the … [Continue reading]

Medical Bills Cause Money Woes Bankruptcy Stops

A trifecta of life changing events - illness, job loss or divorce - often starts an avalanche of financial problems that results in bankruptcy. Most of us are one serious illness or injury away from medical bills we can't afford to pay, even when we … [Continue reading]

Feedback Sought on National Form for Chapter 13 Plan

Feedback is being sought on a suggested mandatory national form for chapter 13 bankruptcy plans. The Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules has created a working group to study the proposal and is holding a conference on January 18, 2013, to discuss … [Continue reading]

New Year Resolution: Get Out of Debt

Getting out of debt competes with losing weight for the most common New Year resolutions. Here is some advice for making your New Year resolution stick. One secret is to create a goal and a sub-goal. If your resolution is to get out of debt, you … [Continue reading]

Ring Out the Old Bills, Ring in the New Year

Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true.                 Alfred Lord Tennyson Ring out the old bills and your financial troubles once and … [Continue reading]

Fighting to Keep Earned Income Tax Credits Exempt

Our attorneys continue to fight for Kansas debtors to keep one year of federal and state earned income tax credits (EITC) exempt  from bankruptcy trustees and creditors. We traveled to Denver for oral argument  before the Bankruptcy Appellate … [Continue reading]

Michaux Appointed to U.S. Supreme Court Committee

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., appointed Jill Michaux to a three year term on the Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules to the U.S. Supreme Court.  She is one of four practicing lawyers on the 17 member committee. Other members are federal … [Continue reading]

Chapter 13 Debt Limits

Chapter 13 Debt Limits Update: Debt limits changed April 1, 2013. $383,175 unsecured liquidated debt $1,149,525 secured liquidated debt   … [Continue reading]

Leave It All Behind

Leave It All Behind –  "If banks are “too big to fail” does that mean the rest of us are just the right size? Bankruptcy is all about a fresh start.  Learn to live without massive amounts of credit and dependency on the big banks.  Kick the … [Continue reading]

Kansas Bankruptcy Court Proposes Rules Changes

Here is the redlined version of the proposed changes to the local Kansas bankruptcy rules about formatting mailing matrices and the taxation and payment of costs. Comments on the proposed rules should be submitted to the Kansas bankruptcy court clerk … [Continue reading]

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Fees Up

Bankruptcy court fees increase 11/21/2012: Chapter 9 Petition $1046, increases to $1213 Chapter 11 Petition $1046, increases to $1213 Chapter 15 Petition $1046, increases to $1213 Motion to Convert Chapter 7 to Chapter 11 (filed by the … [Continue reading]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Advantages

Here are posts by my colleagues at Bankruptcy Law Network telling us the advantages of filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. Top 5 Reasons to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Advantages of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Why File Chapter 13 13 Reasons to File a … [Continue reading]

Kansas Bankruptcy Filings Drop 10.6%

Kansas bankruptcy filings fell 10.6% in the federal courts fiscal year ending September 30, 2012.  That compares with the 14% fall nationally, according to statistics released by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Filings were down … [Continue reading]

Bankruptcy & Military Veterans

Today November 11, 2012, we pay tribute to and thank our military veterans for their service to our country. Here are some resources for military veterans on debt, loans and bankruptcy: Can a debt collector garnish my federal benefits? What is … [Continue reading]

Does My Name Have to Be in the Newspaper When I File Bankruptcy?

It is nobody's business you say. IT IS EMBARRASSING! Why does my name have to go in the newspaper when I file bankruptcy? Some Kansas newspapers publish the names of people who file bankruptcy in their print and internet editions. Bankruptcy … [Continue reading]

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