How Do I Deduct My Non-Filing Spouse’s Expenses on the Bankruptcy Means Test?

In re Dugan, Case No. 07-40899
August, 2008, Judge Karlin
Chapter 13 Trustee objections to debtor’s attempts to include a marital adjustment on Lines 13
and 19 for a non-filing spouse and a deduction for transportation expenses. Court
allowed, in theory, the marital deduction, but found it had not been supported with any
detail. Debtor was given time to provide documentation. Digest by Jan Hamilton Trustee.

Can't Add Your Spouse to Your Individual Bankruptcy Case Later

Your spouse does not have to file bankruptcy with you in Kansas, but make sure you don’t want to file a joint case, because you can’t add your spouse to the case later.

Judge Dale L. Somers denied an attempt by a debtor to add her spouse two months after she filed her case by amending her petition filed with the Court. In Re Cheryl R. Daly, 07-22628-13, (Bankr. D.Kan. 01-28-2007).

It would be possible for the nonfiling spouse to file his own case and then consolidate the two cases for administration.

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