How Much Is My Attorney Paid to Defend Dismissal?

In re Kiser, Case No. 06-11453
January 2009, Judge Nugent

Debtor filed a motion to modify plan to increase monthly payment and to pay attorney fees of $500.00. Court allowed $400.00. Judge Nugent quoted Judge Karlin in Beck in supporting its conclusion that a presumptive fee of this nature may be appropriate.

How Much Are Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Fees in Wichita?

In re Mayer, Case No. 06-10013
October 2006, Judge Nugent

This is Judge Nugent’s fee decision. The “presumptive” fee in Wichita is $2500, without prejudice to fee applications, based upon the language of 330, testimony and the various factors recited.

Digest by:  Jan Hamilton, Trustee

Cram Down Value Used for Means Test in Wichita Bankruptcies

In re Hoss, Case No. 08-10365
In re Arroyo, Case No. 07-12779
August 2008, Judge Nugent
In above median income (AMI) cases, debtors sought to deduct contract payments, rather than the stripped off/crammed down amounts. The Court sustained the Chapter 13 Trustee’s objection to confirmation. This is a good analysis of the status of the law, as of the date of the issuance of the opinion. Judge Nugent applied the reasoning of Lanning, but on the expense side, rather than the income side, of the equation. He also disagreed with Judge Karlin’s decision in Allen, which would have reached an opposite result.

Local Bankruptcy Rules Changes Proposed

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Kansas is taking written comments on Proposed Local Rules of Practice and Procedure until January 1, 2010.

Interested persons, whether or not members of the bar, may submit comments on the Proposed Local Rules addressed to the Clerk of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Kansas at 401 N. Market, Room 167, Wichita, Kansas 67202.  Proposed Changes to Local Bankruptcy Rules

Kansas Bankruptcy Court Proposes Local Rules Changes

Amendments to the local rules of practice and procedure are proposed by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Kansas about post-confirmation recovery of assets by the chapter 13 trustee, proof of insurance on motor vehicles, required information for attorney signatures on pleadings, and cases commenced by foreign representatives.

The Court is soliciting written comments on the proposed local rules until December 1, 2008.  Comments may be sent to the Clerk of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, 444 SE Quincy, Topeka, KS 66683, or at the clerk’s office in the Wichita and Kansas City, KS, divisions.

Click here to download a redlined copy of the proposed revisions.  Minutes of the Bench and Bar Committee, which recommends the proposed changes, can be found here on the court’s website.

Wichita Car Dealer Convicted of Bankruptcy Fraud – Facing 5 Years in Jail

A Wichita car dealer who gave money to relatives before filing his bankruptcy case and lied on his bankruptcy paperwork was convicted of federal crimes this week and faces possible jail time for his fraud.

Evidence at trial proved he gave money to his wife and his brother prior to filing his bankruptcy case and he lied on his paperwork. He falsely said he had no bank accounts and he had made no transfers of money to relatives nor closed any bank accounts. He also charged $125,000 on credit cards within a year of filing the bankruptcy petition for airline tickets, jewelry and other goods. [Read more…]

Wieland Named U.S. Trustee for Kansas

Richard Wieland

Richard Wieland

Richard A. Wieland has been named U.S. Trustee for Region 20, which covers Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Wieland has been serving as acting Region 20 U.S. Trustee since September 1, 2007. He is familiar to the Kansas bankruptcy bar, having been a trial lawyer in the Wichita office since 1988. When the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act was enacted in 2005, he played a pivotal role in implementing the consumer credit counseling and debtor financial management education requirements for the Executive Office of the U.S. Trustee in Washington, D.C

The U.S. Trustee program is charged with overseeing bankruptcy case administration. Region 20 offices are headquartered in Wichita with additional offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Albuquerque.

Here is a link to the official EOUST press release.

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